Fines & Warnings issued by the Cyprus Office of the Commissioner for Personal Data

02 Aug 2019 By Panayiotis Z. Toulouras LLC

Fines and warnings have already been issued by Cyprus Office of the Commissioner for Personal Data Protection for GDPR breaches to large organizations both public and private.

Warning issued for GDPR breach – Limassol Water Board

Case: Employee of the Limassol Water Board informed the Commissioner that his personal data was processed without prior consent. After investigation, there was evidence showing  infringement concerning the non GDPR compliance of the Limassol Water Board with security measures it has in place.

Penalty: On 19/6/2019, the Commissioner issued a warning to the Limassol Water Board, as the data controller,to comply to GDPR data processing security measures in all its departments and services.

€5,000 fine issued for GDPR breach – Sigma Live Ltd

Case: A complaint was made that Sigma Live ltd publicized and processed personal data without prior consent of the complainant. The complainant was the individual that helped police locate the kidnapper that took two children from a local Larnaca school in 2018, the TV channel had broadcasted his face and naming him as the ‘informant’ without his consent as he had wished to remain anonymous.

Penalty: After investigating, the Commissioner issued a fine of €5,000 for GDPR breach to Sigma Live Ltd for failure to obtain prior consent.

€3,000 fine issued for GDPR breach – B******t Management Ltd

Case: Five separate complaints were made about B******t Management Ltd for violating the GDPR principle of ‘Data Minimization’, which states that processing personal data should be adequate, relevant and limited to what is necessary to in relation to your purpose and nothing more. The company could have reached its purpose with less information being processed.

Penalty: A fine of €3,000 was issued on the 12/4/2019.

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